"What is the food like at Amass?"

Spontaneity. In the hunt for the perfect ingredient we realize we’re in a race against time. What's the perfect ingredient today might not be tomorrow and that is why our kitchen is constantly changing on a daily basis. It’s a small price to pay for asking our purveyors for products at the peak of their deliciousness – and we celebrate the challenge every day here at Amass.

Current Menu

Knotweed, Pickled Pork Fat, Buckwheat

Grilled White Asparagus, Green Strawberries, Walnuts  

Egg Yolk, Fermented Grains, Green Garlic

Monkfish, Roasted Chicken Skin, Beach Herbs, Sorrel  

Wild Boar, Almond Milk, Orpin, Unripened Plums   

Rhubarb Sherbert, Sweet Cicely, Dried Yogurt

Menu,  595 DKK
Wine Pairing, 395 DKK. Dessert wine not included.

In addition to our current menu, we also offer a smaller menu at lunch only for 395 DKK as well as an extended menu at lunch and dinner for 795 DKK (Wine Pairing for the extended menu available for an additional 595 DKK, exclusive dessert wine).  

Simplicity Menu

Knotweed, Pickled Pork Fat, Buckwheat

Fermented Flat Bread

Dry-Aged Beef from Varde Ådal 
Danish Monkfish

Lettuces, Herbs, Vinaigrette

Garden Spring Cabbage, Virgin Butter, Egg Yolk, Lemon Peel

Rhubarb Sherbert, Sweet Cicely, Dried Yogurt

Menu, 595 DKK
This menu is set up so you can just drop by for a bite and enjoy the surroundings. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a piece of meat and a glass of wine. Who are we to tell you otherwise? Enjoy.

Tables must order the same menu. Simplicity Menu available for lunch or dinner.

To see our wine list, please click here.

Menu subject to change.

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